Podcasting Again?

Will I be podcasting again? Yes, maybe...at some point. I'm actually setting up a podcast with Anchor by Spotify. It's free! I loved using Podbean, but I just don't have the money right now to pay for the upgrade needed for distribution. Anchor is free, plus I can use video podcasts if I want. It … Continue reading Podcasting Again?


Happy New Year! Shawnee Rising Studios is Closing!

Shawnee Rising Studios closing its digital doors on February 1, 2022. 😢 I have made the extremely hard decision to close my Online Studio for an undetermined amount of time. I want to thank everyone for the amazing support, encouragement, and motivation to chase a dream that I’ve had for so, so long. At this … Continue reading Happy New Year! Shawnee Rising Studios is Closing!

Podcast | Remains of 215 First Nations Children Found

(Podcast Transcription Below) [Opening & Intro Music] Niyawe! Thank you for checking out the Shawnee Rising Podcast. If you missed it, I had some new artwork drop in my Online Studio at shawneerisingstudios.com. Go check it out. In this short episode, I just wanna talk about something for a bit. There was some sad news … Continue reading Podcast | Remains of 215 First Nations Children Found

Podcast | Reading Some Poetry!

Hato, niwikanaki noki niteleniwemaki. Hakowisilasamamopwa! Michael Daugherty nitesifo. Neosho, MO wayecinocipiya noki sawanwa nela!Hello, my friends and my relatives. How are you all doing? My names Michael Daugherty. I’m from Neosho, MO and I am Shawnee! You can find Shawnee Rising Podcast on your favorite podcast app, or just about anywhere podcasts are available. Just … Continue reading Podcast | Reading Some Poetry!