Welcome to the Studio!

ONLINE STUDIO NOW OPEN! The Shawnee Rising Studios online shop is now OPEN and ready for business! Head over and check out original paintings and earrings, with even more items still to come! New items will be uploaded as soon as they’re finished and prepared. So check back regularly! I’ve put off opening my shop…… Continue reading Welcome to the Studio!

February is Coming Up Fast!

Online Studio Update February 1st is coming up fast and I am looking forward to dropping some artwork into the Online Studio. I have six paintings that are ready to go and I’m in the process of making some earrings. I have some bracelets and a few more items ready to drop as well. Also,…… Continue reading February is Coming Up Fast!

Patreon – Supporting Artist and Creators

Patreon is a funding platform that allows people to support their favorite artists and creators with recurring payments. In return, the creator gives out benefits to their patrons for their gracious support. I posted about Buy Me a Coffee in the last blog update, and I wanted to mention Patreon on here as well. I…… Continue reading Patreon – Supporting Artist and Creators

Buy Me A Coffee! Donations and Memberships

Donations and memberships are here! “Buy Me a Coffee is the best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans .” -Buy Me a Coffee Buy Me a Coffee is a site where people can follow and support artists and creators by donating a small amount (buying them a coffee) or…… Continue reading Buy Me A Coffee! Donations and Memberships