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Punk Native Sketchbook!

As someone who is constantly buying sketchbooks, I figured it would be pretty cool to have a custom made sketchbook of my own. It is for sale ONLY on for $11.99. It is 150 pages with a spiral coil binding for easy use. As I’m writing this, mine is in the mail and on its way! I hope it turns out pretty good and I can keep coming back and ordering me one when I need a replacement.

Check it out HERE!

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Good Days Come and Go…

Good days come and go…but I alway seem to return to when I feel like my art just isn’t good enough to do what I want to do with it. I’m very happy toΒ be where I am and with what I have accomplished so far, but I wish I was a little further along. I feel I lack the skills needed to accomplish what I need to do in my art to push myself forward. I lack the finances needed for school, so I’m diving head-first into YouTube and other sites for my education. I’ve learned a lot, but it’s not the same as a classroom setting, tools in hand and someone personally showing me what I’m doing.

I’ve given up I don’t know how many times. I throw my pencil or brush down in frustration and tell myself that I’ve reached my end. I want to pack up all of my art supplies; my pencils, pens, brushes, canvases, paint…and just chuck them in the dumpster. But I can’t. No matter how much I want to quit, I can’t bring myself to rid myself of creating art. No matter how bad I think it is, those good days still come along once in a while to pull me back in.

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Good Days Ahead

Things are going pretty good. I’m getting things set up through various sites, trying to get myself out there. So far, I’ve set up my author page on Lulu Press, Goodreads, and Amazon. I’ve had awesome comments from family and friends, and I’ve had many people interested in buying my book. It’s awesome!

Hopefully, in February my new children’s book, Koko’s Secret Treasure, will be out. I’m going to shoot for around February 11th, which is my birthday, to release it. I have lots of art still to draw, but it’s shaping up nicely, and it looks like I might make my deadline.

Though I sell myself short because my book is self-published, I can’t explain the joy of having a book published and actually having people buy it. It’s amazing!

There’s nothing but good days ahead…


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Links and Stores Added!

My children’s book The Snake Hunter is now available threw the following stores:

  • LULU

You can find the links in the “shop” menu above or by clicking here.

I want to thank everyone who has bought the book and supported me, and continues to support me, motivating me and pushing me to keep moving forward.