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Are you looking for a “Thank You” card or a Valentines Day card that tells the one you love how you feel?

Valentines Day Card

Tell the one you love how you feel with a heart shaped fry bread. Don’t let love slip through your fingers like fry bread grease!

The inside of the card is left blank so you can tell the one you love how you feel in your own words. Put your personal touch on it!

Easter Holiday Card

Wish your family and friends a Happy Easter with a bright, colorful, Indigenous inspired 5×7 Easter card with original rabbit art!

The inside of the card is blank so you can put your personal touches on it!

Thank You Card

For whatever reason, say, “Thank You” with a beautiful 7×5 card that includes the original rabbit art from the Easter holiday card.

The backside of the card is blank so you can write your personal “Thank You” on it!

Daily/Monthly Planner for Creators

I love planners. As someone who is constantly making plans for my life as a creator, I wanted something simple without all of the extra junk I never used. So, I created one for myself.

This planner has all I need without the junk. So, I wondered if others needed a simple planner as well.

Inside you will find a document to keep track of your filmmaking/YouTube progress, a work schedule, video schedule, as well as a page to take a glance at your month ahead.

Most importantly it has a planner to keep track of your mental health and fitness. So, go check it out!

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