Etsy Shop Is Up! New Artwork Available!


I put new artwork up and I’m in the process of putting up my other work. Go check it out and follow my page.

“Ribbons” series by Michael Daugherty. All paintings available on Etsy!

There’s a lot of pros and cons using Etsy, but without a website it’s the best option to be able to get my work out and get eyes on my artwork.

So, go check it out!


If you haven’t heard, my family and I are running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to renovate our shed into an artist’s workshop and we could use your help!

If you have the means to do so, please contribute to our campaign. We have a little over 30 days left to raise $8,000.

If you can’t contribute, we’re asking for your help to share the word. Share the campaign with your family and peeps! Anything helps and is appreciated.

We’re in desperate need of a dedicated workshop!

So, go check it out and contribute if you can!


Thank you for joining our community!

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