Indiegogo is LIVE for 45 Days!

There’s only 45 days to contribute to our campaign, but if money is an issue, then no worries! Help us share it around. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Just tell all your peeps about it! Get that word out.

A workshop is something me and my family desperately need; that dedicated space to work in and get all messy.

We humbly ask for your help in either contributing or sharing the word.

I’ve wanted to be an artist for the longest time. As far back as I can remember, actually. I use to draw on the corners of my work in school and I remember becoming super excited for art class. It was my favorite class every year, even though I almost failed it in my last few years of high school. LOL!

By the time I hit high school, school work wasn’t interesting to me. That included art class. At that age, I wasn’t happy being told what to do, especially how to draw or what to draw. So, I never finished my work and I almost failed.

Finish your work, kids! You’ll have plenty of time after school to do what you want.

But, I love art and creating art!

I want to create a life as a full-time artist and I want to create that life with my family.

No regrets! That’s what I want at the end of my life. NO REGRETS!!

Every artist needs a space! We’re asking for you help to build ours!

We are extremely grateful for your support!

Niyâwe! Thank you!

Thank you for joining our community!

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