Indiegogo Campaign For A Our Workshop!

I’m starting an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to get our workshop up and going and we need your help!

Our campaign will go live in early January after the holidays and will be live for 45 days ONLY! So, be sure and sign up for the email on the pre-launch page to get notified when our campaign launches.

It was a tough decision, going back and forth in my head, trying to figure out if crowdfunding was the right path to take. But, in the end, I realized it doesn’t hurt to try something new once in a while.

That’s why we’re shooting for $8,000! It’s smaller than most campaigns you see, yet, enough to get us headed in the right direction and hopefully finish our workshop.

I try hard not to make this artistic path just about me. I want my wife and son along for the ride, so this campaign is about me and my family. I hope to be able to represent my family and my people in a humbling and authentic way with my creations and I want my family to be right there by my side.

It’s not just a dream, but a need. I NEED to be a full-time artist. I NEED to find a way to be with my family full-time. That means my wife and I no longer worrying about a 9 to 5. I want my wife and I to be available at all times for whatever our son needs us for; school events, sports…all of it. I don’t want my wife and I to have to choose between going to work and being there for our son or our family. I NEED the freedom that being an artist gives. The freedom to create, the freedom to be who I wish to be, the freedom to, well, be free!

This workshop is just he beginning of all of that. Once we can get out workshop renovated to how we want it, we can begin creating and building our dream life; a life of freedom to be who we want to be.

I know it’s sad to think about, but we’re all going to die one day. I don’t want my final days to be regretting not giving my family the the life we’ve always wanted. I don’t want to wish I had done things different.

I want to get them right today. Right now!

Like I said, this workshop is just the beginning. If this campaign is fully funded and we can get this workshop built, a future will be paved before us. Next comes festivals and events. Then, if all goes well, a physical shop!

But it all comes down to getting our workshop done.

So, what will be spending the money on?

First of all, to be completely transparent with you, our potential backers, we will be paying off the little debt that we have. The is crucial for us so that we can focus all time and energy toward the renovation of our new workshop. I will step away from working my part-time job to work full-time on the renovation while my wife continues her full-time job to pay bills, but without the stress of paying on our debt as well. This will allow a lot of breathing room. Eventually, we both will be working full-time in our new shop!

Second is the renovation. Most of the funding will go toward the renovation of the workshop. That means buying insulation, wiring, electrical parts, wood, and anything we need to complete this project.

Third–this is the good part–is the perks we have set up for all who become contributors to our campaign. We have four (4) tiers for you to choose from:

  • $5 – The perk is the gift of giving. You contribute because your a passionate supporter of our dream! You have our most sincere thank you!
  • $10 – When you contribute ten dollars toward our workshop, you will receive an original thank you card made by the artist.
  • $15 – When you contribute fifteen dollars toward our workshop, you will receive a physical art print of our choosing.
  • $25 – When you contribute twenty-five dollars toward our workshop, you will receive a physical art print of our choosing signed by the artist.
  • $150 – When you contribute one hundred and fifty dollars toward our workshop, you will receive an original piece of artwork. Size and design chosen by the artist and created just for you!
  • $500 – The perk is the gift of giving. You contribute because you a warrior supporter of our dream! You have our most sincere thank you!

Some of the funds will go toward getting supplies for the artwork to be made, and some of it to pay for the prints from the print shop.

After that, the rest goes toward the renovation.

It’s important to note that if we do NOT reach our goal of $8,000, all funds will be refunded back to you and perks will NOT be fulfilled. So, if you want to back us and get those perks, then we need to reach that goal!

I’m so excited to get this ball rolling! I hope you will join us and become a contributor to our campaign.

Can’t donate money? No problem!

Sharing will do wonders for our campaign. That’s why we’re relying on you to share the word.

If I don’t write soon, I’ll see you when the campaign goes live!

Niyâwe! Thank you!

Want to be part of the discussion? Head over to the community discussion board and I’ll answer any question you might have about our campaign!

Thank you for joining our community!

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