Chapter One…Again.

I’m heading back to chapter one…again.

My Shawnee Rising Studios online shop was an amazing first try at becoming a full-time artist. It really showed me what it takes to run an online shop and to sell artwork. Not only to sell, but to market myself. There’s a constant need for social media posts and I almost burnt myself out. I almost gave up Instagram for good!

I’m taking it slower this time. I even rebranded my new online shop that I’m building over on Square. It’s a pretty popular platform and I see the POS systems all around town in shops and restaurants. I’ve seen other artists and homesteaders online using the system as well, so I said to myself, “why not?”

I’ll give it a try and see how it works. It’s a little cheaper than how I was doing it, though how I was doing it I had much more control over things. But Square will allow me to sell from just about anywhere. I have a POS app on my phone which will allow me to sell from festivals or markets, which is awesome.

Yes, I could do that from my old site, but I had to buy and go through a few plugins to do it.

One big downfall with using Square is I will have to upgrade to take PayPal payments, which I loved taking payments from and I know a lot of people like using PayPal. But if things go the way I hope, then I will be able to upgrade and take those payments again…we’ll see.

I can go over and over in my head about why things failed with Shawnee Rising Studios, but it’s about time to move on and move forward.

I have many plans and ideas. Some good. Some great. Some scary.

So anyway, I mentioned that I rebranded and you might be asking yourself what it is.

Well, my new online shop will be called Daugherty’s Homemade!

Shawnee Rising Studios is still around and has become my blog site. It’s much cheaper!

I think of Shawnee Rising Studios as the parent to Daugherty’s Homemade, passing on it’s wisdom to the next generation. We’ve made mistakes, but we’ve learned from them.

Now, it’s time to build something new.

I’ll still be making and creating the same stuff, with some new additions in the future; soap bars, lotion bars…things like that. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

I’ll also be saving up to buy a bunch of my children’s books to sell on the site as well. They’re becoming very popular in the tribal community and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. So, it was an easy decision to get them in the shop. I’ll even have some signed books for sell!

I’m working on building the shop now, and when it’s ready I’ll be sure and let you know. There won’t be much at first, but with a little help we’ll get going.

I have so many plans and ideas about how I want to live my life, and this is only the beginning…again.

Hope to see you in the new shop!

Niyâwe! Thank you!


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