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Hato, niwikanaki noki niteleniwemaki. Hakowisilasamamopwa! Michael Daugherty nitesifo. Neosho, MO wayecinocipiya noki sawanwa nela!
Hello, my friends and my relatives. How are you all doing? My names Michael Daugherty. I’m from Neosho, MO and I am Shawnee!

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(Intro Music)

Niyawe! Thank you for checking out Shawnee Rising Podcast. Don’t forget, I’ve got some paintings dropping in the online studio at shawneerisingstudios.com on June 1st! There’s new artwork on the way. Check it out, share it, yell it from the rooftops. Do it…Please.

We’re halfway through 2021 already. How crazy is that? My son’s birthday is coming in June. 7 years old. 7! I can’t believe it. I wanna cry every time I think about it. But I couldn’t be more blessed as a father to have a boy like Eli Tecumseh in my life. Cherish those little ones, people.

I had some great feedback on my last episode talking about my wife and I’s new venture in making homemade soap, and eventually other products. It makes me hopeful when people get behind me in what I’m doing or what I do. It pushes me along and gives me that confidence to keep pushing forward. It feels good. Hopefully, we’ll start making soap pretty soon. We have to get a place set up and make sure we have all the tools and utensils we’re gonna need. Our arsenal of soapmaking tools! It’s going to be awesome and fun…I hope.

My wife’s been making some Dandelion jelly as well and handing that out to family to see if they like it. I love it. I think it’s delicious. We might get into making small batches of jelly for the farmers markets and festivals, but there’s some research that I have to do first to make sure we’re following the rules and guidelines for handling and selling food products. I never really thought we would be selling any kind of food and I don’t really know the guidelines to be able to do that. So, if you know or know anyone that might know or could direct me in the right direction, drop me a comment or email me at michael@shawneerisingstudios.com. Any help is always appreciated.

Speaking of comments…I have to apologize to people that comment on my Facebook posts on my Shawnee Rising Studios page and I don’t reply, or I don’t reply right away. For some reason, I don’t get notified of comments coming from my page. I’ve looked at all of the settings, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or I’m just missing something. But I’m trying to figure it out. I hate checking out the page and seeing that a few comments are a couple days old and I never even realized that they left a comment. It would be different if I was super popular and had hundreds of comments a day, but I’m not. I get a couple now and then and I should be able to reply back right away as soon as I get notified. But I’m trying to figure it out. I might just have to email Facebook and be like “What the hell is going on?” you know? No one has said anything. It just bothers me. So, if you leave a comment, especially asking me a question, and I don’t reply within a few hours, hit me up on my profile page or just email me at michael@shawneerisingstudios.com. You should be able to find the email on the page. Track me down. Find me. If you’ve got questions, then I want to answer them.

So, season 2 of the Shawnee Rising Podcast is about over. It’s coming to an end. I had some plans for this season but Podcasting is difficult, man. Especially putting out an episode every week. It’s difficult for me because I just don’t have enough great content to put out. I mean, my episodes could just be blog posts. So, I might actually do that. I might do a podcast episode, then put the podcast with the transcription in a blog form on my blog. Two birds with one stone, you know? I find myself writing in my blog and putting the same thing that was just in a podcast episode, so why not make them the same. That way, my blog is still active. Because I haven’t written shit in it. I’ve been putting all of my focus on podcasting and my art projects and trying to figure out how to better reach my goals.

One of my goals for the podcast is to interview people. Other artists, specifically, native artists or local business owners and spotlight those kinds of people. As a Shawnee artist, I think it would be cool to interview and spotlight other Shawnee artists or business owners. The big thing right now is to save some money and find a mobile podcasting set up, such as a recording device and microphones. With what I have now, I just wouldn’t be able to take it with me. So, that’s something in the future that I would like to do when I can get more equipment.

One of the goals for my Online Studio and my website is to offer custom work, specifically, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and offer custom sizes for those items. The processing time would be longer on those items, as I would have to make them in the order that they came. I know I’ve mentioned these goals before, but it’s something I really wanna try to work on. As well as my YouTube channel, my YouTube vlog, and that’s something I can’t wait to start.

Before I head out, I know this was a short podcast, I just want to read you a poem that I wrote a while back. This is something I’m gonna start doing once in a while; share some of my poetry, short stories, songs I’ve written. I have it. Why not share it, you know? This one is called The Neon Indian. I’ve shared it before on Facebook a few years ago, I think. It’s written in the perspective of a non-native who looks at faux regalia and sees mysticism in it. The wannabe. The pretindian. He has just found the roadside shop of his dreams…The Neon Indian.

I saw the sign shining from a mile away.
The tomahawk chop waving me in,
Like the spirits calling me to take a look.
So, I pulled on in to the Neon Indian.

The war drums playing over the speakers
Made me want to war dance again.
Calling me to make my grand entry
Into the Neon Indian.

The doors slid open and the doorbell rang,
As if calling me to grab a cart and begin.
An old bearded man with a dead animal on his head
Waved at me and said “Welcome to the Neon Indian.”

“We are the largest retail of faux regalia.
We have all kinds of plastic beads in the bin,
And we carry the most beautiful faux headdresses.
Right here, at the Neon Indian.”

It was a gold mine in the middle of nowhere.
All kinds of regalia for women, children, and men.
2 dollars off on the faux eagle feathers.
Things are cheap here at the Neon Indian.

I gathered all that I could carry.
I bought moccasins for all of my kin.
The best faux leather around.
Right here, at the Neon Indian.

Now my folks and I can start our tribe,
As we were commanded to by the wind.
I even found a great mascot for our flag.
Right here, at the Neon Indian.

A handful of broken faux treaties,
And a faux exemption from taxation,
We’re all set thanks to the Neon Indian
Ran by our relatives, the Great Faux Nation.

[Outro Music]

Niyawe! Thank you for checking out the Shawnee Rising Podcast. If you liked the poem, then let me know your thoughts in the comments or email me at michael@shawneerisingstudios.com.

A big niyawe to my Patreon supporters and those who continue to support me with likes, shares, comments, buying my stuff, and just being there for me.

Salanoki Kenole, niyawe!


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