Resolutions or No Resolutions?

I have never been good at keeping new years resolutions. For as long as I can remember making them, I’ve never followed through with one. Too many things happen in a year that change my plans and I end up going in a different direction or I just don’t do it.

But, as the holidays come to a close and a new year is just around the corner, I find myself thinking about the things I hope to accomplish in the year 2020. So, do I make resolutions?

I don’t think I will.

This year I will make a promise instead of resolutions!

  • I promise my son that daddy will lose weight so that I can run and play with you more.
  • I promise my wife that I will motivate and inspire us both to begin living a healthier lifestyle, for our son and for ourselves.
  • I promise that I will make 2020 my most creative year.
  • I promise to build Shawnee Rising Studios to what it was meant to be and deserves to be; a place to share original Shawnee stories and art, and a place to inspire others.
  • I promise to work hard for my family; to give them the things they want and need; to be there for them when they need me.
  • I promise to immerse myself and my family in the Shawnee language.
  • I promise that by the end of 2020, our lives will have changed for the better.

I promise…

Resolutions are easy to make and easy to forget. So, make a promise to yourself to achieve the goals you want to reach this coming year, because you feel more committed to achieving those goals when you promise to reach them.

Say it out loud!

Instead of saying, “My resolution is to lose weight…”, say “I promise to lose weight…” and feel the difference. Whatever your goal is…promise yourself that you will reach it.

I believe that my family and I will grow in many ways this year.

And I believe you will, too!

I wish you all the happiest New Year!

NEYIWA! Thank You!

Michael Daugherty
Shawnee Rising Studios

You can catch up with me on my Facebook page Shawnee Rising Studios, Twitter, Instagram, or by using the form on the Contact page.


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