Off To School!

For most parents, their kids are heading back to school.

But in about a week or so our little boy, Eli, will be heading off to school to attend his very first day.

We’re both excited and scared, wondering how he will do without us around and surrounded by new people.

We also worry about how he will develop and grow. If he will be able to learn as well as the other children.

So, I am looking into different home-based learning materials to be able to teach him some basic concepts and keep his mind stimulated.

One of the materials I’ve been looking into is The 5 Jumboworkbooks.


Here’s what you get:

  • Inspirational illustrations to stimulate young minds.
  • High-quality practice coloring pages which are set out in easy and fun worksheets with plenty of space to encourage expression of your child’s imagination.
  • Professionally formatted in Adobe pdf file format.
  • You can print each of the pages as many times as you want, giving your child plenty of fun and learning opportunities.
  • Perfect for home childcare providers, and parents teaching children basic concepts at home.

Helping to develop a number of skills, The 5 Jumboworkbooks are fun, stimulating and educational for children aged 3- 7 years old.

Buy them separately or buy all 5, it’s up to you.

So, if you got a little one that loves to color, these workbooks would be great for them to learn some basic skills in the process.

I’m thinking about grabbing one for Eli.

To grab yours, Click Here!

Another program we look into from time to time is LeapFrog.

Eli absolutely loved LeapFrog, especially the LeapFrog: Letter Factory DVD, which I think was his favorite.

There’s a couple of LeapFrog programs I’ve been looking at the I think would benefit Eli a great deal.

The reason I’m looking into this one is that Eli loves playing on the Samsung tablet we have at home. I try to put on learning videos from YouTube, but it’s hard to tell sometimes what he’s actually watching.

I think trading the Samsung tablet out for a LeapPad would be a great idea.

Eli loves LeapFrog, and I know that he would enjoy these DVDs. Plus, he could watch them all day long. I would know exactly what he’s watching and that he’s learning some basic skills that he would benefit him.

And lastly…I would like to teach him how to draw like his daddy.

Being creative can benefit a person.

I believe that to be creative you need to have an open mind about the people and the world that surround you, and that is something that most of humanity could benefit from nowadays.

Being open and honest with my son is important to me, and I will never hold him back from doing something that makes him happy.

I will do my best to teach him what I know about being an artist as well as a Shawnee, and how representation matters, especially to Indigenous people.

I wish my son a fun-filled journey as he begins this new chapter in his life.

Ketiqalamala, neqefi!
I love you, my son!



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Shawnee Rising Studios

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