Artist Area: My Dream Studio

Getting to know a little about who I am and what I look for in an artist studio…



When I think of the studio that I want the most, I see a lot of space.

I love space.

Big room. High ceilings. Even a loft to look out over my studio from while sipping on my $8 dollar La Moneda Reserva Malbec (you should try it)…

Ok…so maybe that’s a big dream (except for the wine).

But I hate being cluttered. I want a lot of space to put my things. Plus, it will most likely be shared with my wife who has her own projects to work on.

So, a lot of space would be great.

I don’t care for the high-end stuff. I don’t really need to have an expensive art desk or any kind of art supplies.

You can accomplish just about anything with inexpensive tools just as easily as you could with the most lavish ones.

Check out what art supplies I turn to most often in Art Materials: My Go-To Drawing Tools and Art Materials: My Go-To Painting Tools.

Light is a must, and not just any light…but natural light.

Both my wife and I love big windows. So one wall that is nothing but glass is a must-have for us… (1)

Ok…so that’s probably not going to happen either. But a lot of natural light is important to us.

In addition to drawing and painting, I also love photography, and if you know anything about photography, there’s nothing better than natural light to make your photos pop.

So, in my dream art studio, there would need to be space for photo shoots.

Small ones, of course…

I’m just a hobbyist and not a professional photographer, so there’s no need for an extravagant photo studio. Most of my photography would be of nature, with occasional portraits of friends and family.

I’m not greedy.

And to finish it all off would be shelf space…and a lot of it.

I like to see all of my art materials. I don’t know why, it just makes me feel good to see the tools that are put to good use, instead of having them hidden away in cabinets.

Plus, my wife loves stocking shelves with all of her things…

I don’t need a rich and extravagant lifestyle. Having my wife and son by my side already make me the richest man in the world.

All I want is a beautiful home with an amazing art studio where I can live a happy and care-free life with my family.

Because when it comes down to it, no matter where we are, as long as we are together…

That’s my favorite space.



I hope you learned a little more about who I am and enjoyed this little snippet from my mind.

I’ll drop little posts like this every once in a while to let you in on my life and what I hope to achieve as I journey down this path.

I have many things to share about what I want out of my art and my life, who I am as a human being and as a Shawnee man.

I hope it’s all worth reading.




Michael Daugherty
Shawnee Rising Studios



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