Happy New Year!

It’s been 5 months since I last posted. Wow!


I have a lot going on, but things are still moving along. Had to put my new book Indian Boy on the back burner for a bit. But, during some of my downtime, I started writing on book #2.

We moved into a new house a couple months ago and things have gotten mixed up or I just don’t have enough room now for all of the things I need. So, I’m trying to make do with what room I have, which is very little.

What’s left? Well, I have to finish editing book #1 and begin the art for it. Once all of that’s finished, I can publish it! Yay! Then it’s on to book #2. I don’t know how many Indian Boy books there will be yet, but I’m hoping to get at least two right now. I might continue the story in the future. There are a lot of projects that I’m hoping to get started on, and some I’m hoping to finish. Many projects require money that I just don’t have so it will take time to get those projects rolling. So any donation, no matter how small, will help and is very much appreciated. You can find the donation button on the home page.

2018 is the year! Get book 1 and 2 of Indian Boy published and begin new projects.




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