The Snake Hunter by Michael Daugherty


The Snake Hunter is about Eli Tecumseh, a young Shawnee boy who dreams of being a brave water protector like his dad, who is away fighting the “black snakes” that are destroying Mother Earth.

Eli teaches us the dangers of oil pipelines and the importance of the one source that all things on earth share and need to survive; water. There is no alternative to water and without it all things on earth will perish.

Water is sacred, water is medicine, water is LIFE!!

The book is dedicated to my son Eli Tecumseh, from who the main character took his name; to my wife, Amy, who is my motivation to keep writing, when I just feel like giving up; and last, but not least, the land and water protectors of Mother Earth. Without the water warriors, our waters would have long been polluted and/or dried up. So, thank you!

This is my first book and it was self-published through Lulu Press (, a self-publishing website for anyone who wishes to get that one story they’ve been working on published and distributed through major online stores, such as and Barnes and Noble.

I have a couple more titles coming out in the next few months, and I can’t wait to share them.

You can buy The Snake Hunter on Lulu Press HERE.


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